Answers to Common Questions

We have collected a list of common questions we receive each year regarding our 2019 Mid-Year Meeting. If you have a question that you can't find the answer for below, please contact us by clicking here.

  • What is the usual dress for the continuing education sessions?
    • Business casual. Most men wear ties or pullover shirts. Women wear dresses or pantsuits.
  • May I record the continuing education sessions?
    • No, we ask that no attendees record the continuing education sessions, as they are copyrighted by the speaker presenting the topic.
  • I'm an exhibitor. Who can I contact to request to exhibit at the Mid-Year Meeting?
    • You may download the Exhibitor Packet by clicking here or you may email Hannah at hannah@wvaop.org or call her at 304.720.8262 regarding exhibits.
  • Will I have wireless internet access?
    • Internet access is available at the Greenbrier Resort, but with so many people, the network often gets overwhelmed. At times, it may be slow. We recommend using your phone's mobile data for best results.
  • Where are the locations of the continuing education, exhibits, etc?
    • Continuing education courses are held in Eisenhower A & B salons. If you have attended in year's past, they are held in the same exact location. If you have not attended in the past, Eisenhower A & B salons are located just past the Greenbrier Theatre near the front desk.
    • Exhibitors are held in the Eisenhower Foyer, which is right outside Eisenhower A & B salons.
  • It's too cold or too hot in the classrooms...
    • It is hard to maintain a constant temperature in the Greenbrier Resort. The result is that it either gets too cold or too hot. If you are cold-natured, you might want to bring a sweater or a light jacket.

The Greenbrier Resort:
  • Is parking free?
    • Yes, parking is free at the Greenbrier Resort.
  • What is the dress code for the Greenbrier Resort?
    • The Greenbrier Resort enjoys the pleasure of hosting guests from all over the world. The Greenbrier Resort's dress codes distinguish the resort and are an important complement to the standards our guests expect and desire.
    • For a list of venue-by-venue details regarding the dress code, please click here.
  • Is there an estate map of the Greenbrier Resort?
    • Yes, please click here to download the estate map of the Greenbrier Resort.

  • Am I required to stay at the Greenbrier Resort?
    • No. You can stay wherever you choose. There are additional hotels located in Lewisburg (10-15 minutes away by car) for hotel accommodations. If you stay off location, you are still able to participate in the activities and receptions at the Greenbrier Resort.
      • Hampton Inn - 304.645.7300
      • Holiday Inn Express - 304.645.5750
  • Where is the nearest airport?
    • Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB) is served by SkyWest and is located only 15 minutes away from the Greenbrier Resort. Other airports convenient to the Greenbrier Resort include Roanoke, VA (ROA), Charleston, WV (CRW) and Beckley, WV (BKW) with service provided by major carriers.