The WVAOP has created a new program called the Diabetic Eye Care Collaborative (DECC). The purpose of this program is to increase communication and collaboration between PCPs and ODs and improve care for our diabetic patients.

Diabetic Eye Care Collaborative (DECC) Participants are optometrists who have agreed to provide a dilated diabetic ophthalmic examination and submit the results to the patient's primary care physician. 
Requirements to participate:
1.     Complete a dilated eye exam specifically looking for ocular manifestations of diabetic retinopathy.
2.     Report the results of your findings to the referring Family Physician within 48 hours of exam. Send copy to the Endocrinologist as indicated.
3.     Make the appropriate referral when intervention is necessary.
4.     Contact the referring Family Physician’s office and inform them if the referred patient does not show for the appointment.
5.     Commit to ongoing communication with Family Physicians who refer for a diabetic eye exam.
6.     Allow WVAOP to share your contact information with the WV Academy of Family Physicians or other pertinent medical organizations.
7.     Each individual doctor must submit a copy of the sample report that he/she will be sending to the family physician to have on file at the WVAOP. It can be a generated letter from an EMR system but it must specifically address the diabetic components of the examination. Multiple page printouts of all the examination data generated from an EMR system are not acceptable. Please feel free to contact the WVAOP for a sample diabetic report. 
This collaborative service will only be provided to WVAOP members who have paid their current dues and will be used to present WV Optometrists as the premier primary eye care physicians to provide diabetic eye exams to the WV Academy of Family Physicians among other state medical organizations. 
Thank you to all those who have registered for the WVAOP's Diabetic Eye Care Collaborative Program!
As of December 1, 2016 - We have 68 Optometrists representing 26 out of 55 counties enrolled in the DECC!

All doctors who are currently registered should have received an email from Dr. Laura Suppa ( to review and confirm your practice information. If you have not received a confirmation email or would like to enroll in the program, please go to the survey site to register by clicking HERE.

Please note - This service is per doctor, not per practice. Please have all doctors in a practice sign up individually and please note if you have multiple practice locations.